HD protective cover for access fitting

HD protective cover designed to protect the exposed threads on access fittings from mechanical damage, dust, dirt and moisture.
Secondary Process Containment Covers offer an extra layer of protection when a second level of safety is required. With a pressure rating 3600 psi to 6,000 psi and standard viton o-ring, the high pressure retaining covers meet or exceed the extra level of protection required. ( standard only not include p gauge and bleed valve).

HD protective cover for access fitting

also available c/w bleed and P gauge ( additional price )
A viton o-ring creates a tight seal retaining any pressure that may build up. The bleed valve allows any pressure accumulation to be released prior to the cover being backed off. The pressure gauge is used to indicate if there is any pressure build up.


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316L / SS, A105 CS, Other


– Heavy Duty Protective Cover Without Hole
– Heavy Duty Protective Cover With Hole
– Heavy Duty Protective Cover With Bleed Valve and Pressure Gauge


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