Hollow Plug Body Assy for corrosion coupon and access fitting

The Hollow Plug Body Assy is a key component to the high pressure access fitting assembly, as the plug body provides the seal in the access fitting, there by maintaining line pressure.

The plug also serves an important function of holding the monitoring equipment which is exposed to the system, and is the component to which the Retriever attaches in order to access and service the monitoring equipment. There are two types of plug assemblies which can be used in any of the high pressure access fittings:

hollow plug assy

Solid Plug – used in conjunction with:

  • Corrosion coupon holders
  • Injection/Sampling equipment
  • Bacterial sampling probes
  • Sand probes

Hollow Plug – used in conjunction with:

  • Electrical Resistance probes
  • Linear Polarization probes
  • Galvanic and Hydrogen probes

The standard Hollow Plug Assembly consists of:

  • Hollow Plug Body
  • Primary Packing
  • Hollow Plug Packing Retaining Nut
  • Probe Packing
  • Hollow Plug Seal Nut
  • Pipe Plug

Corrosion Probe System

Additional information

Hollow Plug Body

316L / SS, Others

Primary Packing

PTFE Glass

Hollow Plug Packing Retaining Nut

316 SS

Probe Packing


Pipe Plug

316 SS, Others

Set Screws

316 SS

Seal Nut

316 SS


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