Mechanical Retriever Tools

Mechanical Retriever Tools is a precision tool which allows safe, easy insertion and removal of various equipment and tools through a Access Fitting, without de-pressurizing the pipeline or vessel.

The retriever’s main components are manufactured from stainless steel, and receive a chroming treatment for resistance to mechanical / corrosion damage and to ensure many years of reliable service. Seven standard sizes of retrievers are offered to cover most service requirements, while custom-ordered sizes are available upon request.

The mechanical retriever is designed to operate under mechanical principles, and the number of turns to completely seat or retract a component is a known constant.

Mechanical Retriever Tools



Single Service Valve Corrosion are especially designed for use with Access Fittings and  Retrievers

Additional information

Pressure Rating

– 3600 PSI (24.8 Mpa)
– 6000 PSI (41.3 MPa)


316L / SS


Meets NACE MR0175 and MR0103

Stoke Length

For Type 36:
– 14 Inch
– 18 Inch
– 25 Inch
For Type 60:
– 37 Inch
– 49 Inch
– 61 Inch


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