About us

Sources of pipeline failure

  • Corrosion
  • External Factors
  • Human Negligence
  • Installation and erection
  • Manufacturing Process

General Information

PT. Setia Hati Tekindo one of Corrosion Specialist Company Providing a variety of products Corrosion Monitoring, Chemical, Cathodic Protection, Fitting, Instrumentation, Inspection and Services in various industrial plants specializing in oil and gas processing and petrochemical.

Company Mission

We have the mission that satisfaction of customer is our prime objective by achieving:

  • Clearly understanding customer needs
  • Total compliance to the needs and maintenance of consistent standards
  • Providing solutions though technical competence
  • Fulfilling all orders in timely manner
  • Provide the most completeness to reach the customer satisfaction

Quality Product is Our Priority

Our main objective is to provide products that meet the correct quality in accordance with our customers specifications and requirements. As valued customers we understand that you expect a reliable and economically sound product and a service that is delivered on time every time.