Flush Disc Coupon Two-Inch System

We sell Flush disc coupon of various sizes and models for 2 “system access fittings, which are commonly used for oil and gas, upstream dan downstream, chemical companies, etc.

Flush Disc Coupon Two-Inch System


Flush Disc Coupon: Generally used in applications where the coupon cannot extend into the pipe to interfere with the flow or pigging operations. A circular coupon with a diameter a 1.25″, a thickness of 0.125″ (3.18 x 0.32 cm), and one mounting hole ID 0.312″ (0.792 cm.).

Multiple Disc Coupon: Monitoring is available for pipes with diameters of 6″ or more. This pipeline corrosion protection method offers the following advantages: inherent orientation parallel to flow, greater surface area at a specific level, greater quantity and variety of coupon materials, easier monitoring in stratified or multi-phase flow, and corrosion coupons location in recess area of access fitting for monitoring in gas pockets or stagnant areas.

The hole is countersunk, and uses a flathead, stainless steel screw, insulating washer and insulating disc for mounting.

The exposed surface area is 2.5 sq. in. (16.1 sq. cm.)


Solutions for corrosion prevention and control such as a variety of coupon holders styles to suit your application.

  1. Strip Holder:  Used to suspend either 3″ or 6″ corrosion coupons in the area to be monitored
  2. Disc HolderThese offer several corrosion monitoring advantages over Strip Coupon Holder Assemblies.
  3. Multiple Disc Holder:  Available for pipes with diameters of 6″ or more. This pipeline corrosion protection method.
  4. Ladder Strip Holder:  Suspends six strip corrosion coupons (3 pair) from a single access fitting point.

Additional information


AISI 1018, ASTM A106 gr B, to order


NACE RP-0775 and ASTM G-1


Below 50 gram union depend on the model, details will be listed on the envelope


OD:1.25″, Thickness 1/8″

Other Type

Multiple disc coupon
Multiple Disc Coupon Monitoring is available for pipes with diameters of 6″ or more


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