Rod Corrosion Coupons

We sell Rod Corrosion Coupons standard size is Ø ¼” x 3″ (Ø 6.3mm x 76.2mm) for 1″ systems, which are commonly used for oil and gas, upstream and downstream, chemical companies, etc.

Rod Corrosion Coupons

This Rod Corrosion Coupons is screwed into an insulator which is then screwed into an NPT Bullplug Coupon Holder. The rod coupons standard size is Ø ¼” x 3″ (Ø 6.3mm x 76.2mm), with a milled flat area for the serial number. One end is threaded for screwing the coupon into the insulator, the other is notched to accept a flathead screwdriver. The exposed surface area is 3.27 in2 (2,109mm2).


Rod Corrosion Coupons

Additional information


Below 50 gram union depend on the model, details will be listed on the envelope


316L / SS, Carbon Steel


Ø ¼” x 3″ (Ø 6.3mm x 76.2mm)


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